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About The Artist

Sarah Kelly

My love for all things creative has taken me on a journey through many artistic ventures. I’ve worked as a sculptor, an illustrator, a makeup artist, a cake decorator, an interior decorator and a wedding designer to name a few.

After a challenge to complete 30 paintings in 30 days, I found a passion for painting. Since then, I have worked to explore a variety of styles. I love bold and vibrant color palettes as well as the clean look of crisp black and white. I am drawn to images that are deeply moving and beautiful as well as lighthearted and playful ones. I enjoy painting stylized portraits, flowers, and abstracts and generally avoid realism. There is a freedom in the purposefully imperfect. And when I give myself permission to be imperfect, in art or in life, I am free to experience each moment to its fullest.

In addition to being an artist, I am a wife to a loving husband, and a mom to 5 fantastic kiddos! What I crave most in life is connection, and so I seek to use my creativity to nurture my relationships to live a happy and deeply-connected life. 

It is my mission to use my creative talents to not only nurture my own soul and personal relationships but to inspire joy and deeper connections in the lives of others. I hope that you find something today that makes you smile and that you are inspired to make someone else smile too. Thanks for stopping by!

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